For many of us with eating problems, stressful events can seem to come out of nowhere and take us by surprise. Our feelings get stirred up unexpectedly and in these moments, food helps us settle our emotions and feel in control. Using food to manage emotional stress is often an unconscious strategy and a way of coping.

There is nothing wrong with coping this way, however without learning why our feelings get stirred up, we risk staying stuck in this cycle of feeling powerless, unhappy and hopeless.                                                                 

We turn to food when we feel lonely, angry, guilty, sad, frustrated, and even happy. Using food this way is not a nutritional need, but an emotional need, and it is how we cope with feelings that we are unable to articulate or express. Other than weight gain, we are often not aware of the impact that our emotional eating has on us; such as disruptive sleep, depression, unsteady energy levels, reoccurring relationship problems and sometimes more serious illnesses.

My courses help you become more self aware, in control of your eating patterns, and get back on track to a healthier lifestyle for your body and your mind. 



1)    We establish a safe and supportive space to help you move through the difficulties and dilemmas of your eating challenges. 

2) You will learn the 5 Foundations that will lead to a long lasting weight goal. 

3)  You recognise and process the emotional triggers and behaviour patterns around food, which lead to out of control eating. 

4) You will learn to deepen your self-awareness and manage your relationship with food.

5) You will gain the right skills for sustainable weight loss. 

I will support you through the ups and downs of your weight loss journey.

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