Hello and welcome to my new website,

Chances are you are here because you have tried multiple diets, done a great deal of exercise and yet still feel defeated, hopeless and maybe ashamed because none of these things have worked. In fact you may have even gained weight.

Some people think that being overweight is due to a lack of willpower, or lack of movement, however I can tell you this is not true for many people.

So what is causing this relentless sense of unachievable weight control?

Weight struggles are connected to our feelings, thoughts and how our minds work. We are all emotional human beings and we all have emotional history. No matter how much exercise we do, or how little food we eat, if we do not get to the root of the emotional problem, which is the source of stress and discomfort, we will stay powerless to food and old behaviour patterns.  Learning to understand and regulate your feelings by developing new self-awareness skills, helps youchange your weight  for the long-term.

I’m here to remind you that being overweight does not have to be a life sentence.
Emotional Eating ~ Psychotherapy Link